Today’s Weather: iClouds

Although there’s an iCloud in the forecast, today will definitely not be a gloomy one for Apple and their followers.  Steve Jobs keynote address at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) will provide an introduction to their new cloud computing solution as well as premieres of the  iOS5 mobile operating system and the Lion update to the Mac OS X operating system.

And without a doubt, iCloud looks to be the big game changer of the day.  What is it?  As the name suggests, at its core, it is Apple’s latest shot at a consumer cloud computing solution (remember MobileMe?). But iCloud promises to be much, much more than just another online drop box for data.  Amping up the hype on this, John Gruber is calling it nothing less than “the new iTunes“.

On his Daring Fireball blog, Gruber suggests that iCloud could bring with it central integration for both your desktop and mobile devices, syncing your MacBook, iPad, iPod and iPhone “audio, movies and TV shows, iBooks e-books, App Store apps, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes” files… and, well pretty much everything.

But the real game changing element at play here may be the result of Apple’s rumored deals with record companies that should give iTunes users true universal cloud access to the music content that they purchased online. Buy once, stream anywhere.

We’ll know the real deal at 10 am PT/ 1pm ET when Steve Jobs delivers his keynote and all the rumors and predictions can be put to rest.

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