CASE STUDY: Terra Chips

Terra Chips Rewards Customers With #BlueSkyPic Flyaway Sweepstakes

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In the summer of 2012, ICED Media developed and executed the multiplatform #BlueSkyPic campaign for the Terra Chips brand in partnership with JetBlue to seamlessly align with Terra’s core business objectives.

With #BlueSkyPic, Terra and JetBlue customers submitted a variety of photos through the Instagram application. Photos with the #BlueSkyPic hashtag were automatically aggregated to a custom Facebook tab hosted on the Terra Chips Facebook page. Sixteen weekly winners were selected and announced on the Terra Chips Facebook page.

The Terra Chips #BlueSkyPic Instagram campaign was an innovative opportunity to merge a burgeoning social platform with an existing Terra-branded Facebook call-to-action. The user-friendly program rewarded customers and promoted both brands’ one-of-a-kind products and services.

Platforms used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram




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